Taurus Full Moon

The Venus ruled Taurus Super Full Moon occurs at 10:22 p.m. PDT on November 3, 2017, at 11 Degrees Taurus 58′.  A Super Full Moon occurs when the Moon is in its closest proximity to Mother Earth.  Watch her rise full and sensual providing the backdrop for the landscape of the Goddess of Love, Venus, doing what she does best:  Attract what is loved and valued. Romance, sensuality, beauty, indulgence, and pleasure are a few of her joys.  The Full Moon Phase illuminates, culminates, or fulfills.  “I don’t go by the rulebook…I lead by the heart, not the head.”  Princess Diana

This Full Moon in Taurus opposite the Sun in Scorpio has the potential to shed light on themes connecting both Taurus and Scorpio.  Some of which has already been in the news: sex and power (Scorpio);  money and power (Taurus and Scorpio); and anything connected with earthy, material, life-sustaining issues and deep emotional, passionate, hidden agenda-type desires.  Insights relative to where you need to let go of fears, insecurities, jealousies, and what may be holding you back may come to the surface.  This is particularly true in romantic relationships that you are either forming or moving away from.  But also in day-to-day life where questions on self-worth, what you value, and security come to light.  “There is something about taking a plow and breaking new ground.  It gives you energy.”  Kevin Kesey

Venus, the ruler of Taurus in the sign of Libra will soon make her way into Scorpio four days after this Full Moon, November 7, 2017.  Finalizing Libra themes relating to others, harmony, cooperation and balancing, particularly in partnerships before she moves into Scorpio may be expected.  This is more evident by her opposition to the freedom-loving, radical planet Uranus, in Aries, known for breaking with the past in an independent warrior-like manner of me-first Aries.  “There’s a victory in letting go of your expectations.”  Mike White

This Full Moon provides the tools for you to take an in-depth penetrating look into your relationships, in all areas of life, and find out what nourishes you and what doesn’t. Ask yourself what changes in life do you really need to feel safer and secure emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Don’t be afraid of doing what gives you pure pleasure and happiness.  If you made them, review your New Moon intentions and make any necessary adjustments.  Most importantly, live life fully present, love, honor and cherish the healthy relationships in your life, and do not fear to change in that area of life that no longer fulfills you.   “Concentrate the mind on the present moment.” ~ Buddha

This Full Moon falls on a Friday, which is also the day of the week assigned to Venus!  How perfect is that?  If you are looking to build your relationship with Venus, indulge yourself in some of her pleasures: Wear something that makes you feel beautiful, or is gorgeous!  Create something you think is lovely.  Wear a fragrance that resonates with Venus such as rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, or anything sweet smelling, or diffuse essential oils in those scents for a lovely physical environment.  If you want to light a candle invoking a Venus connection of open heart and compassion use pink, purple, lavender or green.

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