Saturn’s Day

In astrology, Saturday is ruled by Saturn.  This is easily traced back to at least the Roman Empire where the days of the week connected with our Sun, Moon, and the five traditional “visual” planets:

  • Sunday – Named after our Sun
  • Monday – Named after our Moon
  • Tuesday – Named in honor of Mars
  • Wednesday – Named in honor of Mercury
  • Thursday – Named in honor of Jupiter
  • Friday – Named in honor of Venus
  • Saturday – Named in honor of Saturn

A few things that the planet Saturn represents are limitations, structure, intense focus, commitment, hard work, and authority.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed with some of my commitments, allowing myself to get a bit scattered.  Not something that works well when you are trying hard to realize your dream job of a life time!  How synchronistic that on “Saturn’s Day” I recognize that if I am going to realize my dream, I need to be doing Saturn’s work!

It is not enough to just “believe” in order to accomplish a dream.  A person has to show up and do the work.  In a normal job if you don’t show up on time, or do the work expected of your job title you get fired.  Short and sweet. No excuses. Why should it be any different when you set your sights on a dream?  It isn’t.

Saturn is the planet that gives us form and structure for our dreams, as well as the limitations and restrictions that may relate to them.  Saturn takes no prisoners or excuses.  You do the work needed to realize your dream.  You build the foundation, set your fear aside, and reach for the stars!  “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” – Henry David Thoreau 


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