Today…I Surrender

There are time frames, like now, when no matter how hard I try to write it just gets harder.  I focus my attention on the topic, I feel strong and confident, then… nothing flows from my fingertips.  Cold as ice.  I get up, stretch, shake it off, slap my hands together and start fresh knowing inside myself that I can do it.  Or can I?  The doubt settles in after periods of nothing.  Depression sets in and I ask myself now what?

I close my eyes and take several deep breaths.  I surrender myself.  To thinking.  To the process.  To anything, and everything.  I just let go.  When I finally just give in something transcendental happens.  The rich fabric of astrology and its symbolism weaves itself around me.  Hmmmmm… don’t go, stay a little longer.  Ahhhhh magic!

The moment I allowed myself to experience my emotions fully, and let them go, I settled back into a relaxed state and wrote.  Aaaargh!  Me thinks the Trickster is afoot again!

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