Essential Oils



Young Living Essential Oils are just that…essential!  You can use them for more than aromatherapy in your diffuser.  Oils are utilized for healing, planetary spiritual properties, magic, cleaning your home, personal care, animal care, and more than a lot of people are unaware of.  My mission is to bring essential oils into your life to assist in your feelings of well-being and to replace harsh chemicals in your home.

Meditation and planetary energies can be enhanced with essential oils.  From time to time I will post relative recipes for use with the new moon, full moon, day of the week, planet, or astrology sign.

Please feel free to contact me by going to the contact tab on the main menu and completing the form.  I am an educator/distributor for essential oils with Young Living Essential Oils and will be happy to assist you in your essential oil collection, diffusers, and other products for your home, personal and spiritual well-being. Alternatively, you may click on the below link and go directly to the ordering site.  You will have the option to purchase at retail prices, or if you choose to become a member and obtain wholesale prices:  Either way you will need to register for payment purposes.  A Product Guide is provided for your use below.  Thank you!